SPANDAN, Khandwa (MP)

Spandan Samaj Seva Samiti has continued its endeavors at addressing the widespread problems of Hunger, Poverty and Corruption through issue based Advocacy, Community Empowerment and Policy Influencing.

Spandan Samaj Seva Samiti

Khandwa Madhya Pradesh

Spandan persisted with its Mission "to empower the marginalized communities in a manner that they are able to secure their Human & Constitutional Rights and lead a life of dignity" The focus of the year was on Right to Food & Work for the marginalized Korku tribe community and addressing other contemporary Human Rights issues. Another issue that was focused upon was the preservation of Korku language and culture.


The work among Korku tribe was spread across 100 villages of Khalwa Block in Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh. The major initiatives were to generate awareness on Food and Employment schemes; facilitate capacity building of wage earners' collective; advocate for resumption of suspended National Maternity Benefit Scheme; promote tribal entrepreneurship; intensive research and documentation on Korku life & culture and women empowerment and addressing the clothing needs of marginalized families .


The issue of malnutrition among U5 Korku children has been a core area that Spandan has been emphasizing. The whole issue of malnutrition is perceived in its micro and macro perspectives. The growing household hunger, the decreasing accessibility to food by poor; the less than desired outreach of doorstep employment; the discrepancies in various food schemes; the chronic migration have been the factors that have sustained the malnutrition scenario. The immediate manifestations of diseases and death peaking at certain seasons have become a trend. Spandan has been working on all these counts. On one hand pro-poor Advocacy is persisted with while on the other hand grass roots interventions have been undertaken t relieve immediate sufferings.


Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) has been perceived as a structural solution to hunger. Spandan upholds that its effective implementation with optimum wage earners' participation in its various phases can enhance its effectiveness at generating livelihood options along with wage earning opportunities .To that end the wage earners' collective is being empowered through continuous education on various provisions and facilitating collective actions at representing wage earners for grievance redress and workers' welfare.


The issue of endangered Korku language and culture has been addressed with a proactive field research to gather ethnological information embedded in the oral tradition alone.


With regard to shelter less, the issue was researched and used as media feeds to highlight their plight. The Government formed a Committee to assess the situation with Spandan as one of the team members. The local Municipal Corporation has decided to have 3 shelter homes with one specifically for women and children who are most vulnerable.


Spandan continued to meet the clothing need of marginalized sections through cloth for work initiatives. This has helped tribal families to improve their land and water resources. For marginalized women the cotton sanitary napkin has been proving very effective for their personal hygiene and reproductive health.


Spandan has been moving towards its Mission with commitment to poor & marginalized and support from the Korku community we work with and the civil society.